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Guild Bank Inventory

Shnazzlebags / Feb 27, 2020
So you have been asking about the guild bank and being able to see the contents or buy things from it. Well now you can see the contents at this handy link:

Click here >>> Guild Bank Inventory <<< Click here

  • You can buy any items in the bank for 50% of the AH price
  • To order items you only need to send an in-game mail to "Bankofnova"
  • If the items are available "Bankofnova" will send the items to you C.O.D for the correct price
  • Items are on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • We cannot guarantee that items on the website will always be available for you as others may order items before you before the link updates.

Any questions, feel free to add comments below, however, do not use the comments to order items.


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